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Security Awareness

Security Awareness and Education

Select from a catalog of courses based on employees’ roles, or Cyberwis tunes the sessions in response to staff learning scores, phishing tests & on-the-job behaviour. Each lesson is engaging and accessible to both leaders and rank-and-file employees. From an always-on-the-go sales team needing a refresher in how to protect information on smartphones to young new hires requiring a crash course in social media use, our extensive library of content amps up your team’s skills.

Secure Development Training

Targets software developers, system engineers and IT personnel, and covers everything from secure software architecture and design – which helps your company build protection into applications before the first line of code is written – to software testing that can discover a vulnerability before release.

Phishing Service

Send targeted phishing emails to gauge employee responses. Whether you provide email addresses or Cyberwis vCISO conduct their own online research to discover targets, the phishing service simulates email content that looks attractive enough to compel the victim to take action.

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