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Cyber threats have evolved and increased exponentially, occurring on a more frequent basis and with greater sophistication than ever before. Because companies delivering financial services are dependent on technology for critical operations, decisions related to new products and services, along with general technology investment decisions, may expose institutions to vulnerabilities that need to be anticipated and managed. Criminals increasingly exploit these weaknesses to attack BFSI institutions. Cyber threats expose institutions to operational, reputation, and financial risks.

Cyberwis recommends an institution should take a comprehensive approach to maintain the security and resilience of its technology infrastructure including the establishment of a robust cybersecurity framework. The framework should incorporate processes to identify, prevent, detect, respond to, and recover from technology-based attacks. Focusing on the following five key areas will improve your cybersecurity preparedness.

● Cyber Risk Management & Oversight
● Threat Intelligence & Collaboration
● Cybersecurity Controls
● External Dependency Management
● Incident Management & Resilience

Cyberwis vCISO in partnership with your leadership team will work out a customized end to end cybersecurity program meant to support your business growth and protect your bottom line.

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